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SharePoint Designer 2010 Newbie

Saqib ShahzadSonia, this microsoft site has got enough tutorials to get you started on designer 2010. For your specific requirement. what you need to do.1. Open the website you want to make changes and look for catalogs --> masterpages and you will see all the current masterpage. create a new masterpage there rather than editing existing ones. Look for designing masterpage over the internet for more info how to design layout and themes.1. Create a new css file and save it in doc library.2. Create a subsite and select your newly created masterpage as masterpage of this site and your created css as alternative css.3. open firefox. install firbug addon and greasemonkey and make changes to the css (that's another topic)4. Once you are happy with layout, design and all that select masterpage and css file you are working as your default for your main site. Job done.No hosting, no messing with current site. Hope this helps

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