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New Silk Road is a leading international distinguished models company in China's fashion industry all the time, which was founded earliest and is the largest of its kind in China, with the business scope covering model brokerage, model training and development for various performance and production, public relation promotion, brand planning, construction of stage and art design, publication of network information and organization and undertaking of large series cultural activities etc. It is an international and modern comprehensive cultural enterprise with standard management, effective services and affluent operation experiences.

The development history of New Silk Road is an undivided integral part in the development progress of the New China's model industry, whose starting and development experienced two phrases in general. And New Silk Road played a key role in both phrases. The first phrase extended from the early of reform and opening to the outside world to 1990s, when the early domestic market pattern of model performance was formed mainly by several fashion performance teams from Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen etc. in succession. However, the truly standard and mature market didn't appear yet. The period from late of 1990s to present is viewed as the second phrase. During this phrase, as the leader and pacemaker in the model industry, through determined and dauntless reform and vigorous progress, New Silk Road Company has opened up a development road with its own characteristics of China's model industry.

In March of 1992, New Silk Road Company took the lead in abolishing the literature and art institution under its original awards system and signed the agency contract with models, realizing the transformation from the organizational system to the system of broker company. With the exploitation of market, since 1996, backing on its base in Beijing, the company has established its affiliates and exterior services networks in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Xiamen, Shanxi, Chengdu, Xinjiang and Hong Kong etc. successively, which also developed the friendly collaboration aggressively with its counterparts in Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei, allowing its business spreading over the whole China and marching to the world. Through the study and review of advanced management pattern of its international counterparts and its own continuous exploration and practice, in the second half of 1998, New Silk Road reorganized the company energetically again. It pursued a series of reforms, including models management mechanism, enterprise construction and business operation, making the New Silk Road more specialized and professional, as well as commercialization and entertainment. The restructured company may meet the market demands better. Since 1999, on behalf of China, New Silk Road Company has participated in the activities of China Cultural Week held by the Chinese Government in France, US, Germany, Korea and Russia etc. for many times, achieving the commendation by the government and favourable comments from the international society. In the meantime, while exporting the Chinese cultural essence to foreign countries, New Silk Road Company also forcefully commits itself to importing the foreign excellent brand cultures and model talents into China, thus building a new "silk road" connecting the east and the west cultural exchange.

As early as November of 1989, New Silk Road Company has held the First New Silk Road China Models Competition (the first national event of its kind) successfully, laying a solid foundation for the later selection, training and promotion of models in China. Up to the present, this event has been conducted triumphantly for eleven times. It has become a widely known traditional model competition event in China. At the same time, with its National Male Model Competition, Underwear Model Competition, Motor Model Competition and World Model Competition etc., New Silk Road has provided numerous brilliant model talents to its industry. Glorious New Silk Road Company boasts more than 90% of the domestic super-models and first-rate elites. All of them star in the economic fields such as garment and dress adornment, motor, electronic, telecommunication, jewelry, cosmetic, real estate, IT, urban advertising and film and TV entertainment. They have served as the image spokesmen for various well-known brands, becoming the indispensable backbone elements in China's model industry.

Experiencing in decade of hardy progress and endless self-breakthrough and innovation, New Silk Road now has truly become the recognized "cradle of Chinese famous models" and "crossing bridge to the world".

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